Film Scanning Services Cork

Have you come across some old 35mm/120 Roll Film Negatives or Slide Film gathering dust at home? Shaunagh O’Connell Photography offers fast and reliable film scanning services in Cork and Ireland. This film scanning service will turn your old film into high quality digital files that are instantly ready to share with friends and family.

Why Scan your Film?

You can’t look at film or enjoy it to its full extent with the naked eye. To view film correctly you need to make prints in a darkroom using the film negatives, scan the negatives into a digital file format or project the slide film using a special projector. Any one of these methods will allow you to appreciate and enjoy your photographs again. Using a darkroom is a practice that is not used as frequently since the introduction of digital photography and film projectors can be quite hard to source now, so that leaves the easier option Digital Film Scanning.

Advantages of Digital Film Scanning

  • It will provide a digital backup of your film.
  • You can produce as many prints as you wish from the digital file.
  • You can easily share the photographs with friends and family.
  • Photos can be easily shared on Social Media platforms.
  • No worries about losing or damaging the Film.
Canon Ae-1 Program with FD 50mm f/1.4

What’s included in the Film Scanning Service

Your film will be carefully handled throughout the entire process. The film will be lightly cleaned using a rocket blower to remove any dust particles and a soft microfibre cloth for any larger areas of dirt. Each frame will be manually processed using high quality DSLR Camera scanning, receiving complete care and attention to detail . The digital images will be retouched in post production to remove any dust particles or scratches on the Film Scans. The file will be saved as your specified format and uploaded to a private We Transfer folder, images can then be easily downloaded from the transfer link.

Files are generally provided in either Jpeg or TIFF Format, but many other formats, such as PDF, can also be supplied on request.

Film Scanning Cork Price List

Film Scanning ServiceJPEGTIFF
24 exposures (35mm Uncut Roll)€15€20
36 exposures (35mm Uncut Roll)€20€25
35mm Per Slide€3.50€4.50
120 Roll (Uncut)€17€22
120 per slide€4.50€5
Other Slide Formats (Per Slide)From €5From €5.50
Other FormatsPOAPOA
Film Scanning Services Price List

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How will I get my film to you?

I offer collection and drop off points around Cork City, Carrigaline and Crosshaven. Film can also be posted to me, current postage rates can be viewed on the An Post website.
Please send me an email and we can arrange details on collection and delivery of your film or postage anywhere in Ireland.

My Film looks damaged can it still be scanned?

Yes. Your Film can still be scanned but it’s likely that the images will have to be retouched to restore them to their original state. Photo restoration doesn’t alter the original Film it’s only the scanned digital file that is manipulated. Photo retouching and restoration is an additional cost and is priced based on the severity of the damage and how difficult the repair process will be.
If you would like a free quote please email:

How long does the process take?

Once booked in advance, generally your digital film scans will be ready the next working day.

I don’t know what type of film I have.

That is no problem. Get in contact and I can help you figure out the type of film that you have.

I have a lot of film to be scanned can I get a discount?

Yes. Send an email to and we can discuss details.

Can the Film be Scanned straight out of my Camera?

No. When you finish shooting a roll of film it is still highly sensitive to light. The roll of film must be rewound into the canister, then the film must be carefully developed using chemicals in a darkroom. This process makes the image permanent and insensitive to light. After development has taken place it’s safe to view your roll of film in light and for them to be scanned digitally.

Can you develop film?

Currently Shaunagh O’Connell Photography does not offer film developing services.