Let’s Get Photographing

Let’s start a Photography Challenge.

A lot of us are at home at the moment and it can be very tough to stay occupied. Getting creative is one great way to keep yourself busy and it can also help with maintaining a healthy mindset over the next few weeks.

I am going to set a Photo-a-Day Challenge.
I will release a ‘Theme’ every morning at 9am along with an example of my own photo and some tips or tricks on how to take a photo.
Then I would love to see everyone take a photo with their own twist or interpretation of the theme throughout day. Hopefully this will start a little online community where we can see each other’s photos and generate a little bit of positivity online.

Where can you post/share the photos:
1) Facebook: Join the group ‘Lets Get Photographing and post your picture of the set theme each day with a description/caption
2) Instagram: You can post on Instagram using the Hashtag #LetsGetPhotographing and also mention @ShaunaghOC so I can reshare.
3) Twitter: You can post on Twitter using the #LetsGetPhotographing and also mention @ShaunaghOC so I can retweet your Photos.

Who can get involved?
I would love to see as many people as possible get involved, every age group, whether you have no photography experience or loads of photography experience and use whatever camera you have available to you.
The main idea of this challenge is to have some fun, get nice imagery online and hopefully learn something new along the way.Make sure to share this post or tag anyone that you think might be interested and the first Theme will be put up tomorrow, March 20th at 9am along with an example of my own photo and some Tips and Tricks.

Looking forward to seeing what you all share,

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